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We’re glad that you’re excited to talk about Corilla. The assets below are designed to help you quickly and easily use our marks and language in your work.

Marketing Copy

Corilla is a collaborative authoring and publishing tool for content teams.

We make content teams more productive by removing the complexity of creating and maintaining modular content that the entire company can reuse and deploy on-demand.

We make customer support teams happy by reducing the volume and cost of support by improving the availability and quality of user documentation. This means that technical writers love using Corilla to make content that customers actually read.

The magic of Corilla lies in streamlining the authoring and publishing experience into intuitive collaborative workflows. Corilla bundles a blazing-fast Markdown editor with version control and publishing to a hosted documentation portal in one.

As some of our users says, "Corilla is like GitHub for content teams".


Colour Palette

Dark Blue
Dark Grey
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