We're building the world's most intuitive content collaboration and management tools. And you're invited.

Corilla began as a fully remote company. Just like our customers, we went global from day one. We know that the best teams find a way to balance their lifestyle to do their best work while being the best version of themselves.

Working at Corilla means working with some of the leading talent in content publishing, technical writing, and software development on the planet.

We're ambitious and conscious that there's no greater time to solve the problems of collaboration and knowledge management than right now. And we both look for and attract people that share that ambition to make a difference.

If this sounds like you, drop us a line and let's collaborate.

Open Positions

Front-end Developer

You love the convergence of design and code, are all over React, and love to build clean and inuitive workflows.

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UX Developer/Designer

You love making things that matter even more than you love Sketch, understand the latest design patterns, and fight for user.

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Backend Developer

Got Java? Great. Whether you come from an enterprise or startup background you love to ship maintainable and sturdy code.

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Product Manager

You're looking for a great product that can become an amazing product. You're all about team, users, community, testing and creativity.

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Content Strategist

You're an incredible writer with a passion for publishing tools. Obviously. But you're also intent on creating and tracking content that matters.

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Intern - Developer

You COULD go intern at that bank, but... haha no, don't do that. Leapfrog your career and come work with a team that used to build operating systems and now hustle like a startup.

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Intern - Designer

Want to work within a design culture with a global audience? Want to contribute meaningfully and even own your own project? Want to take risks and build your own brand?

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Intern - Content Strategist

Can you imagine a better internship than a digital publishing startup full of award-winning content talent, with all the best tools, and most opportunity to learn and own your own projects?

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